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Learn Permanent Cosmetics

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Course Curriculum – Beginning Program

  1. The Skin, Anatomy, and Physiology:
    1. Layers of the skin
    2. Functions of the skin
    3. Understanding the exfoliation process
    4. Skin disorders
    5. The blood/tissue fluid/lymph
    6. Skeletal and muscular system
  2. Sterilization and Sanitation:
    1. State & County Health Department Regulations
    2. OSHA
    3. Blood-borne pathogens
  3. Machine Technology:
    1. Knowing & understanding the different
      machines used in Permanent cosmetics
    2. What is digital?
    3. The Nouveau Contour System
  4. Techniques and Needle Groups:
    1. Handling the skin
    2. Topicals used in Permanent Cosmetics
    3. The Nouveau Contour needle system
    4. Eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip procedures
    1. Proper application
    2. Preferred needle groups
  5. Color Theory:
    1. The color wheel
    2. Mixing colors
    3. Choosing the right colors
    4. Color undertones and overtones
    5. Pigment bases
    6. Color removal
  1. Design and Enhancing:
    1. The right brow shape
    2. Making a thin lip look fuller
    3. Correcting an uneven lip
    4. Lash enhancement or eyeliner
  2. Treatment Room Set-up:
    1. Supplies Needed
    2. Professionalism
  3. The Consultation
    1. Medical release forms
    2. Asking the right questions
  4. Documenting your work:
    1. Using the proper consent forms &
      procedure release forms
    2. How to chart your clients
    3. Photos
  5. Client After Care:
    1. Instruction Sheets
    2. Proper home care
  6. State and Local Legislation
    1. Liability Insurance
  7. Marketing
  8. Exam

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