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Learn Permanent Cosmetics

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Learn the Art of Permanent Makeup

Available to those with previous training in the Beauty or Medical Industry. Graduates of the Permanent Cosmetics Institute will be prepared for stimulating and rewarding careers as Permanent Cosmetic Technicians!

Comprehensive training in the application of permanent makeup is available to you. Our courses teach you how to create beauty for your clients utilizing the industry’s most advanced equipment, products, and techniques, in conjunction with exhaustive education in aesthetic and color theory.

In addition to earning full certification as a licensed Permanent Cosmetic Technician, our graduates receive one full year of postgraduate support and mentorship. Your success is our purpose.

The Permanent Cosmetics Institute’s 100-hour course places emphasis on establishing a firm, foundational knowledge of permanent cosmetic application and technique, as well as on color theory, sterilization, product knowledge, facial morphology and histology of the skin. Students also learn industry best practices and gain access to the business forms needed for success.

The Sacramento Permanent Cosmetic Institute also offers advanced training in areola re-pigmentation, tattoo removal, camouflage, advanced hair strokes and much more. Learn from the clinic that area physicians refer to as the standard. Procedure and correct paperwork and forms, is the key to any successful business. Debi will impart all her intellectual property in this area to ensure that you can run your business successfully with a solid foundation.

Eligibility conditions apply. Please call us for a consultation to determine if the Permanent Cosmetic Institute is right for you.

Upon Completion of this course you will…

  • Know the latest and most advanced industry techniques
  • Be certified by an SPCP approved training program
  • Possess the best cumulative knowledge from experts in the field
  • Have received one-on-one training with models
  • Always be welcomed back to observe procedures
  • Continue to receive updates on the latest industry advancements
  • Know how to create the clinical environment your clients prefer and deserve
  • Have preferred access to advanced postgraduate training, seminars and workshops
  • Understand the ins-and-outs of marketing your business
  • Possess the solid foundation needed with all the relevant procedures and forms.

7 Days of Intensive Training

The Permanent Cosmetics Institute says “NO!” to two-day educational programs, and there will never be more than two students to an instructor. Debi is an SPCP approved trainer who founded the institute with a passion for teaching and an earnest desire to better the industry. Permanent cosmetology is a challenging and multifaceted trade to learn, but with the proper education and training, it is a gratifying, exciting and profitable career!

We offer our certification course to licensed beauty and/or medical professionals. All classes include live demonstrations, hands-on procedures by students, a training manual, necessary forms, and an optional starter kit and machine. Our training program is compliant with the laws of the state of California. Call to book an enrollment interview.

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