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Medical Tattooing Services

Micropigmentation is often used in the medical field to enhance the final results after cosmetic surgery. This includes camouflaging facelift scars and stretch marks, re-pigmentation for skin grafts and burns, and areola re-pigmentation after mastectomy and reconstruction.

Our goal is to help reveal your best self.

Choosing Debi (CPCP) for your medical tattooing means you will get the advantage of her vast experience and expertise. These are delicate, permanent procedures that will yield the best results when performed by highly trained practitioners. You can trust her to artistically hide your scars for the most aesthetically pleasing results. Walk out feeling refreshed and uplifted. *individual results may vary*

Scar Camouflage

Camouflage tattoos consists of tiny bits of colored pigment implanted into the skin, which create a soft, natural looking shadow of color. For camouflage tattoos we take our time to blend exactly the right color to match your skin tone. Micro Pigment Implantation is hygienic and completely safe. Due to the use of topical anesthetic, and an improved numbing technique, the discomfort for camouflage tattoos is very minimal.

Having an unwanted scar can now be in the past. This is an art that takes a lot of experience and skill to practice. Debi (CPCP) spends a lot of time perfecting the color blends and slowly but surely hide the scars that have made you uncomfortable in past. *individual results may vary*

The same principles that Debi (CPCP) uses to apply permanent makeup is applied to scar camouflage. It takes a knowing eye and a careful hand to blend the colors and apply them correctly Debi (CPCP) has that level of expertise.

Areola Repigmentation and Reconstruction

Areola Repigmentation is a procedure that completes the final step for the mastectomy patient. Realistic breast reconstruction can be a valuable part of the restoration process and is worth considering once medical treatments are finished. *individual results may vary*

  • Completes the reconstructive process physically, emotionally, and psychologically.
  • Great Confidence builder for breast cancer patients.
  • Reduce, and camouflage the scars from surgery.
  • Can be done without the presence of a graphed areola or nipple.

Procedure Information

  • Para-Medical Applications
  • Permanent Cosmetic Technician
  • Micro-Pigmentation
  • Advanced Areola Complex Permanent Camouflage and Color Correction
  • Please turn the + into checks
  • Can do bilateral or unilateral 3D images

Each unique procedure requires two sessions thirty days apart.

We are able to closely match the areola of a single mastectomy and create a bilateral 3-D image when necessary. After the first treatment we are able to assess if a unilateral mastectomy patient needs a bilateral tattoo procedure. Debi (CPCP) also specialize in doing scar camouflage from breast lifts, augmentations and other procedures.


According to the Women’s Health Care Breast Cancer act of 1998, women have the right to receive this medical tattoo procedure. We accept all insurance companies for this procedure. Doctor referral and preauthorization from the primary insurance company is required for service.

Even the federal government has recognized the value of this process by enshrining in the law that every woman has the right to all aspects of reconstruction after a mastectomy, including medical tattoos. Make sure you talk to your doctor and insurance company about this important right. We accept all pre-authorized insurance, as well as private payments (ask about discounts).

If a patient does not have insurance, we believe that all women have the right to receive this procedure. Please call the office to learn about our NANTR sponsored mastectomy tattoo for those who are without insurance.

For friendly and professional service, please contact Salon Jolie today for a complimentary, personalized consultation.

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Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm
by appointment only


Debi Walker

Specialties include:
  • Permanent makeup applications & corrections
  • Medical re-pigmentation (areola and scar camouflage)
  • Luxurious facials
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Special facial treatments (peels, acne treatments, etc.)

I have been creating beauty for women’s faces since 1997. The creative aspect was the most exciting part for me – giving women a sense of natural beauty and the gift of waking up pretty every morning still gives me great satisfaction!

I started creating brows for women who had undergone chemotherapy and soon realized the need for areola and nipple re-pigmentation. Mastectomy surgeries and breast reconstruction leave most women with surgical scars. These scars can be diminished through camouflage with permanent pigmentation.

Getting to be part of these women’s journey is such a blessing to me. It is truly my pleasure to create the “icing on the cake”. Breast cancer survivors want to restore what they lost and in doing so, feel whole again.

I also perform camouflage for facelift scars, accidents causing scarring, hair implants and many more loss of pigment issues.

– Debi


  • Founding Member of National Areola and Nipple Re-Pigmentation Registry (NANTR)
  • Advanced Areola Complex Re-Pigmentation, Beau and Guastella Institute
  • Corrective Procedures from American Institute
  • Areola Complex and Scar Camouflage from Naturalook Institute
  • Completion of Derma Star Areola and Camouflage Course
  • Certified Para Medical Application from American Institute
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